Welcome to Khalti Merchant API documentation.


Khalti is the new generation Payment Gateway, Digital Wallet and API provider for various services. We provide you with true Payment Gateway, where you can accepts payments from:

  • Khalti User
  • Net Banking customers of our partner banks (need not be Khalti user)


  • Highly secure
  • Easy to accept payments
  • Incase of wallet payment, Customer can pay from your software directly without redirecting to our website.
  • Netbanking users can choose their bank and make payment.
  • No hassle to integrate with individual banks
  • Transaction List, with the feature of issuing refund, filtering and download report.
  • Multi user system
  • Realtime balance
  • Withdraw fund

For Queries, feel free to call us at 9801165568 or email merchantapi@khalti.com

Getting Started