Welcome to Khalti Merchant API documentation.


Khalti is a new generation payment gateway, digital wallet and API provider system for various online services for Nepal. This is a technical documentation for Khalti merchants' developers. If you are looking to add khalti as a payment option in your e-commerce platform, this is the right place to start.

With Khalti SDK, you can accepts payments from:

  • Khalti User
  • Internet Banking users of our partner banks (your customer does not need to be a Khalti user)


By using Khalti SDK, your customers will have the choice of paying you using Khalti partner banks' ebanking account along with their Khalti wallet account.

  • Highly secure and easy to integrate and accept payments.
  • SDKs are available for Web (JavaScript), Android and iOS.
  • Your customers can make wallet payments without leaving your platform.
  • Your customers can make payment using their e-banking accounts in any of our partner banks.
  • You don't have to bother integrating with individual banks, Khalti will do that for you.
  • Khalti provides a merchant dashboard from where you can view transactions, issue refund, filter and download reports etc.
  • Multi user system
  • Realtime balance
  • Withdraw fund


For Queries, feel free to call us at:

  • Mobile : 9801165568

  • Viber/Whatsapp/Skype ID: 9801165568

  • Email: merchant@khalti.com

Getting Started