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This site hosts documentation for developers who are looking to integrate Khalti as a Payment Option in their online platform. If you fall into that category, please keep reading.

Khalti is a payment gateway, digital wallet and API provider system for various online services for Nepal.

With Khalti SDK/API, you can accepts payments from:

  1. Khalti users.
  2. eBanking users of our partner banks.
  3. Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks.
  4. SCT/VISA card holders.
  5. connectIPS users.

Using Khalti Payment Gateway, you do not need to integrate with individual banks.


  • Multiple Payment Options for Customers
  • Highly secure and Easy Integrations
  • SDKs are available for Web (JavaScript), Android and iOS.
  • Customers can make wallet payments without leaving your platform.
  • Secured Transaction uses 2 step authentication i.e Khalti Pin and Khalti Password. Transaction Processing is disabled on multiple request for wrong Khalti Pin.
  • Merchant Dashboard to view transactions, issue refunds, filter and download reports etc.
  • Multi User System
  • Realtime Balance updates in Merchant Dashboard on every successful payments made by customers
  • Amount collected in Merchant Dashboard can we deposited/transferred to bank accounts anytime


** For Queries, feel free to call us at: **

  • Mobile (Viber / Whatsapp / Skype): 9801165557, 9801165565

  • Email: