Khalti is a new generation payment gateway, digital wallet and API provider system for various online services for Nepal.

This site hosts documentation for developers who are looking to integrate khalti as a payment option in their online platform. If you fall into that category, please keep reading.

With Khalti SDK/API, you can accepts payments from:

  1. Khalti users.
  2. eBanking users of our partner banks.
  3. Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks.
  4. SCT/VISA card holders.

By using Khalti, you will have the luxury of accepting payments from account holders of more than a dozen Nepali banks, and as well as SCT/VISA card holders. This comes without the hassle of integrating with individual banks on your own.


By using Khalti SDK, your customers will have the choice of paying you using Khalti partner banks' ebanking account along with their Khalti wallet account.

  • Highly secure and easy to integrate and accept payments.
  • SDKs are available for Web (JavaScript), Android and iOS.
  • Your customers can make wallet payments without leaving your platform.
  • Transaction processing will be disabled, on muliple request with wrong khalti pin.
  • Your customers can make payment using their e-banking accounts in any of our partner banks.
  • You don't have to bother integrating with individual banks, Khalti will do that for you.
  • Khalti provides a merchant dashboard from where you can view transactions, issue refund, filter and download reports etc.
  • Multi user system
  • Realtime balance
  • Withdraw fund


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