Contributions are always welcome. Also, if you have any confusion, please feel free to create an issue.

Key information

  • The documentation source files are inside content/ directory.
  • The source files are written in Markdown.
  • The HTML documentation site is built using mkdocs, a Python package to build documentation.

How to contribute

Fork it, clone it

Fork the docs repo by using the Github interface.

Clone that fork into your development machine.

git clone<YOUR_USERNAME>/khalti-docs-official-repo.git

Locally building and serving

Install mkdocs using any of the methods specified in the official documentation.

The current theme used for mkdocs is material. You will need to install the theme as well.

pip install mkdocs-material

To serve the docs locally, run:

mkdocs serve

This will build and host the .md files in http://localhost:8000. It will also live reload the page when you make changes in the source files.

Pushing changes

Once you've made necessary changes, push it to your forked repository by running:

git push origin master

After you've done this, you need to ask us to merge your changes to the main repo. Github provides pull request feature to accomplish that.

Go to the pull requests tab of the main repo.

You'll notice a big green, New pull request button on the top right side of the page. Click on that button and follow from there. Your pull request will be reviewed and merged by one of Khalti development staff.