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What is Khalti Payment Gateway(KPG)?

Khalti Payment Gateway (KPG) is a comprehensive payment solution, digital wallet, and API provider designed specifically for online services in Nepal. Whether you have a web application or a mobile application, integrating KPG enables you to seamlessly accept online payments. This documentation serves as your comprehensive guide through the integration process.

By incorporating the KPG ePayment Gateway (for web) and SDKs (for mobile), you can accept payments from various sources:

  1. Khalti users.
  2. eBanking users of our partner banks.
  3. Mobile banking users of our mobile banking partner banks.
  4. SCT/VISA card holders.
  5. connectIPS users.

Integration with Khalti Payment Gateway (KPG) streamlines the process of receiving online payments by eliminating the need to integrate individually with multiple banks.


For consumers

  • Multiple Payment Options: Provides various payment options for customers.

  • Secured Transactions: Utilizes 2-step authentication (Khalti Pin and Khalti Password) for enhanced security. Transaction processing is disabled after multiple incorrect pin attempts.

For merchants

  • Highly Secure and Easy Integrations: Offers seamless integration with strong security measures.
  • SDK Availability: SDKs are available for Web Flutter and Android.
  • Merchant Dashboard: Allows merchants to view transactions, issue refunds, filter and download reports, etc.
  • Multi-User System: Supports multiple users within a single account.
  • Real-Time Balance Updates: Provides real-time updates on balances in the Merchant Dashboard for every successful customer transaction.
  • Flexibility in Fund Transfer: Amount collected in the Merchant Dashboard can be deposited or transferred to bank accounts at any time.


For any inquiries regarding Khalti Payment Gateway, feel free to reach out to us through:

  • Mobile (Viber / Whatsapp / Skype): 9801165557, 9801890085
  • Email:

We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.